Nadja Abd es Farrag is selling her furniture

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Nadja Abd es Farrag is selling her furniture
Nadja Abd es Farrag is selling her furniture

Nadja Abd el Farrag has been in the press lately with negative headlines about alcohol addiction, bankruptcy and job loss. Now she finally wanted to get her life under control and stand on her own two feet again. But her restart in Dangast is at risk because of the Corona crisis. At the end of 2019, the former Ballermann singer started training as a wellness masseuse at the North Sea and was finally overjoyed there.

At the moment, however, she is forced to work because cosmetic studios have to remain closed due to the Hygiene Protection Act. Although she can do some cleaning at the holiday resort from time to time, she has already had to put her job as a masseuse on hold. And nobody knows how long!

My little flea market

In addition, the Bohlen-Ex just moved into a new apartment. Since the apartment is too small, Naddel cannot take all of her furniture with her and is now trying to sell it. "How is this going to continue?" Naddel asked himself in an interview with "Exclusiv".

At her online flea market, which the 55-year-old calls "My little flea market", you can find antique wooden cupboards, chairs, lamps and tables, among other things.

Naddel needs the money

Apparently the entertainer needs the money urgently, because she writes on Facebook: "I'm selling so I can get the money, sorry, I have to do it and can't donate, not at the moment, of course I'd like to donate."

But the campaign seems to be worth it. Just a few days ago, Naddel wrote again on Facebook: "Due to the strong demand, phew, I didn't expect that. My little flea market was "closed" for the time being, because hundreds of email inquiries are now being processed and answered."

Her biggest wish is that she can keep the job. One can only wish the native of Hamburg all the best.

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