Nadja Abd el Farrag: Girlfriend Marion reproaches her in an open letter

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Nadja Abd el Farrag: Girlfriend Marion reproaches her in an open letter
Nadja Abd el Farrag: Girlfriend Marion reproaches her in an open letter

Oh! The negative reporting on Naddel has been enriched by another chapter: your friend and companion Marion E. is now surprising in an open letter via Instagram about you – consistently negative. Marion actually wanted to help Nadja Abd el Farrag back to a reasonable life, but she seems to despair of the Bohlen-Ex and throws it down. Now the reckoning follows – also to anticipate Naddel.

Marion E. was "companion, a friend" for Naddel

Marion E. managed the Insta account "nadja_abd_el_farrag_ich_nadja" for Naddel. She also published the open letter here. In the first lines she writes about how she met Naddel four years ago and that she wanted to help her out of poverty out of pity. You have helped her to jobs, an education and a job in Dangast. Not as a "manager - I was your companion, a friend," as E. emphasizes. What then followed, however, was obviously a tough test of patience for Marion E.

Marion E. about Naddel: "I believed you were the victim."

"You didn't say thank you for all my effort", E. is disappointed and at the same time confirms, "I didn't expect it either." Naddel constantly demanded the maximum and only gave a minimum himself, " until you've been bullying me in the most vicious way for no reason for a few weeks now.“

The friendship between Marion E. and Naddel broke up

In her last lines, Marion E. shows sheer frustration, which gives a lot of room for unsightly speculation: "That's when I understood, you're not a victim. You are the perpetrator and are at most the victim of your own deficits. I've never seen someone so ungrateful, arrogant, vicious as you, who doesn't know humility and gratitude even in the greatest need." Harsh words!

How will Naddel react to Marion E.?

For Marion E. it is clear - from her point of view - why she has to go public: "Like my predecessors, I am now threatened with you throwing dirt at me. With this clear statement, I would like to anticipate this pattern that you have been living for years.” A devastating judgment about Naddel, which is all the more powerful because it comes from a close confidant. It remains to be seen how this will respond to the lines of Marion E.will react. The fact is: Naddel has now set up her own new Instagram profile and pointed out that the old account is no longer managed by her, but only by Marion.

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