"Sneaky": That's why Naddel is so mad at Olivia Jones

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"Sneaky": That's why Naddel is so mad at Olivia Jones
"Sneaky": That's why Naddel is so mad at Olivia Jones

It had been quiet around Nadja abd el Farrag lately. But Dieter Bohlen's ex is pretty mad at Olivia Jones at the moment. What happened?

Unasked on Instagram

Nadja Abd el Farrag wanted to spend a nice evening with her friends in Olivia Jones' bar in Hamburg's Kiez, but that didn't work out. Nadja reported to the "Bild" newspaper what had happened: "We were hardly sitting at the table when a manager came to us and said we should come upstairs, Olivia wanted to say hello to us. Olivia immediately talked to me there, asking me questions about Désirée Nick and the carpet slut. We noticed that one member of staff was standing there with his cell phone the entire time, filming."

Nadja Abd el Farrag is particularly upset about this unsolicited invasion of her privacy. She reported outraged: "My companion noticed that Olivia was live on Instagram. Without asking me. That's sneaky and doesn't work at all!"

A reconciliation is out of the question for the TV personality for the time being. “Olivia is through with me downstairs. You just don't do that. Staging yourself in this way is sneaky."

Nadja Abd el Farrag is the new decoration queen

The last few years have not been easy for Nadja Abd el Farrag, also known by her nickname "Naddel". She started several projects, but quickly gave them up again. Her music career on Mallorca also failed. But now she has a plan that should work this time. Nadja now wants to take off as a decorator in Hamburg and prove it to everyone. She told In-Touch magazine: "I'm constantly redecorating my flat, just got a knack for it, always good taste. I will amaze everyone." All that remains is to wish her the best with the project.

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