Bribery lawsuit: R. Kelly to plead not guilty

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Bribery lawsuit: R. Kelly to plead not guilty
Bribery lawsuit: R. Kelly to plead not guilty

R. Kelly can't save herself from allegations at the moment. Complaints range from sexual harassment to abuse, human trafficking and bribery. A few days ago, he hit the headlines for the latter allegation - it's about his marriage to the singer Aaliyah.

This is the background story

R. Kelly married the musician in 1994. Aaliyah was only 15 at the time. Because of this, the marriage was later declared invalid. R. Kelly had always maintained that he was unaware that he was marrying a minor. US prosecutors recently accused the star of paying money to forge Aaliyah's documents. Those same documents listed Aaliya's age as 18. R. Kelly's former manager, Demetrius Smith, admitted to getting false ID for the minor at the time.

R. Kelly knows what he wants to plead for

R. Kelly will face the allegation at a hearing in Brooklyn on December 18th. However, his attorney Steve Greenburg has already filed documents in court, seen by The Blast, showing that R. Kelly will plead not guilty. Aaliyah herself had never commented on the controversy. She died in a plane crash in 2001.

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