Pietro Lombardi publishes Turtel video with his Laura Maria

Pietro Lombardi publishes Turtel video with his Laura Maria
Pietro Lombardi publishes Turtel video with his Laura Maria

Pietro Lombardi enjoys his renewed happiness with influencer Laura Maria Rypa. He has now shared a video of the couple with his fans on Instagram, which was created half a year ago. "I could never share our vacation with you six months ago, now I can," explains Lombardi in an Instagram story. Regarding the clip, in which the two spend a sunny day in the snow wrapped up thickly and end up kissing in each other's arms, the singer writes: "No matter what others say, no matter how complicated it can be sometimes. I'm glad to have you by my side."

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In mid-June, the musician announced in an Instagram story that the two had found each other again after a breakup. "As of today, we're making no secret of the fact that we're a couple," he wrote. In an interview at the end of June, they said that the two had already gotten closer again around six months ago. "The initiative came from both of us at the end. It was like the first day again," said Lombardi to "Bild". Laura added that they "somehow couldn't let go of each other". There is already a plan to make the relationship last longer this time, as the singer explains: "Previously, many people talked us into the relationship. That no longer exists."

Pietro Lombardi and Laura Maria made their love public in September 2020, followed a month later by love. In an Instagram story, he explained after the breakup: "We decided together to end it because it just wasn't the way it was supposed to be." Laura Maria had also confirmed the separation on the platform. "We just realized we're both too different," she said in a story at the time.

Lombardi was married to the singer Sarah Engels from 2013 to 2019 and they have their son Alessio, who was born in 2015.

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