Beauty-Fail in Hawaii: Sarah Engels on her horror eyelash treatment

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Beauty-Fail in Hawaii: Sarah Engels on her horror eyelash treatment
Beauty-Fail in Hawaii: Sarah Engels on her horror eyelash treatment

"I wanted to have my eyelashes refreshed and of course I thought that the result would never be what I wanted" - this is how Sarah Engels begins her Instagram story. Despite the bad gut feeling, the singer, who is currently on a family vacation with husband Julian and their children Alessio and Solea, still opts for the beauty treatment. A gross mistake, as the 29-year-old had to realize afterwards.

Eyelashes are "bristly, hard and even hurt"

"Even though I knew it wasn't going to be a good idea, I believed in the positive," Sarah tells her followers. Unfortunately, their hopes were bitterly disappointed. “The result is not catastrophic now. But even while she was gluing the eyelashes, my eyes burned and it watered to the point of no more. I thought I couldn't open my eyes anymore. That's when I noticed: 'Okay, that's not going to happen today'," reports the former DSDS runner-up about her horror treatment.

As if it wasn't bad enough that Pietro Lombardi's ex-wife was in pain during the beauty treatment, the result also leaves a lot to be desired. "But the quality is really bad. They are so bristly and hard and even hurt me," complains the 29-year-old. That's why Sarah is now even considering having the fake eyelashes removed again.

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You can only look people in the head

It looks like Sarah fell into the cosmetics trap. Because the horror treatment cost the 29-year-old a whopping $230. "On Instagram, they just advertise that they have Victoria's Secret models as their clients. The pictures just looked so promising," says the mother of two. "If you're getting your lashes done, watch where you're going. You can only stare at people,” is Sarah's sobering conclusion and the appeal to her followers. Next time, the musician will certainly think twice about who she is going to lie down on the treatment chair with.

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