A$AP Rocky: Did he flirt with a 45-year-old Brit behind Rihanna's back?

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A$AP Rocky: Did he flirt with a 45-year-old Brit behind Rihanna's back?
A$AP Rocky: Did he flirt with a 45-year-old Brit behind Rihanna's back?

In February 2022, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky dropped the baby bomb: The couple, who are said to have been together since 2020, are expecting a child. But the anticipation of the offspring has been overshadowed lately. The rapper has been arrested and rumors of affairs with other women have persisted. Now a 45-year-old British woman has reportedly flirted with A$AP Rocky via text message – while Rihanna was already pregnant by him.

Jilly O'Donnell didn't even know who Rocky was at first

According to The Sun, A$AP Rocky reportedly contacted Brit Jilly O'Donnell via Instagram. The 45-year-old mother, who works as a paddleboard teacher in her spare time and promotes vitamin infusions, likes to present herself to her 1,500 followers in a bikini or show off her great figure in tight gym outfits. Somehow she must have caught the eye of the US rapper, who has 14.7 million followers. He reportedly first contacted Jilly in December 2021, when Rihanna was four months pregnant.

At first, Jilly didn't respond to Rocky's flirting messages

At first she had no idea who he even was, as she reveals to The Sun: "I saw a blue tick on his name on Instagram and I asked my daughters. They told me it was Rihanna's boyfriend and thought it was funny. He has millions of followers on Instagram so god knows why he messaged me."

It didn't stop with the one message. A$AP Rocky reportedly wrote to the mother of a 22-year-old son and two daughters, 19 and 17, three times in the space of ten hours, initially with no response.

A$AP Rocky would have liked to "train" with Jilly

When Jilly finally responded, Rocky liked her comment with a heart emoji. The two then reportedly exchanged dozens of messages, some of which The Sun has seen. The rapper offered to fly the 45-year-old from her home in Exmouth to Ukraine, which he was visiting a few months before the Russians invaded. Jilly replied: "I can't fly to Ukraine, haha, I can't even afford Christmas after we went into lockdown last year." Also, Ukraine sounds bitterly cold. Rocky could only confirm that, he replied: "I just got here. I freeze my fg eggs off. The gym here is gorgeous though."

Later he wrote Jilly the following message: "Man, I've gotten so fat in the last week. I wish we could have worked out."

For Jilly, flirting with Rocky was just "a little joke"

Jilly insists: "There's no way I would have flown to Ukraine to meet him. That would be crazy, but a lot of women are probably going to do that. He's rich and when he snaps his fingers, I'm sure people will come running. I know what he would have wanted if I had flown there, but it was all just a joke." She joked with her children that at 45 mom was still "a hottie" that a star was flirting with her.

When she found out that Rocky was dating Rihanna and that she was expecting a child from him, Jilly was said to have been shocked: "But nothing happened and it was all a pretty easy conversation. I hope they become very happy together."

It actually looked like it, because recently there were even engagement rumors about the couple, as we show in the video below.

A$AP Rocky is said to have cheated on Rihanna

In the last few weeks, however, speculation has increased that the couple should have split up, because Rocky is said to have not only flirted with Jilly, but also with other women. It should not have remained only with text messages. However, a few days ago he and Rihanna were spotted together on their way to an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

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