Prince Harry celebrates partial success in court

Prince Harry celebrates partial success in court
Prince Harry celebrates partial success in court

Does the Home Office need to ensure Prince Harry's security when he visits his home country? This question will soon be decided in court. A Supreme Court judge allowed Harry to sue. As reported by The Guardian, the judge responsible for the case said that the application for a judicial review was granted in part.

The authorities have denied Harry the same right to police protection since his retirement as a working member of the British royal family. Rather, it should be decided on a case-by-case basis how to deal with a home visit. However, the Queen's grandson's lawyers argue that the decision constitutes a "procedural injustice" as Harry was not given an opportunity to speak "in the light of the facts".

Prince Harry's request denied

The Queen's private secretary was also involved in the decision. However, due to the "significant tensions" between Harry and the royal family, Harry's lawyers said this should not have happened. However, this point of the application was rejected by the judge. There will be no judicial review as to whether Harry should have been notified of all members of the committee so that he could have a say in the "reasonable selection."

The judge argued that there was no evidence that the decision was made by biased individuals. Furthermore, the judge made it clear that the higher-level Ministry of the Interior had not yet de alt with the case at all, only the responsible committee. However, the Ministry of the Interior will now be given this opportunity as the process progresses.

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