Thomas Markle is back after a stroke

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Thomas Markle is back after a stroke
Thomas Markle is back after a stroke

Thomas Markle, Duchess Meghan's father, suffered a stroke about three months ago. Now he is making his first public appearance since his illness. An exclusive video for the British broadcaster "GB News" shows the 77-year-old on a beach. In his hand he holds a pen and a whiteboard with a message for the audience.

Markle Jr.: "Dad is amazing"

Thomas lost his speech due to his stroke in May. "Hello Dan, thank you and the British people for the best wishes and goodwill," read his sign. Dan means journalist Dan Wootton, who is interviewing Meghan's half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr., in parallel with the published video. "Dad is doing amazingly well," he explained.

Hope for Meghan's father's recovery

His father is on a very good path and will probably make a full recovery. His mind is "fully there" and his body is making progress every day, according to the worried son. He is also slowly getting his voice back. He sees a speech therapist very often and on some days his speech is as good as it was before the stroke.

He also joked that his father would emigrate to the UK if Duchess Meghan got actively involved in US politics. US President Joe Biden's sister, Valerie Biden Owens, previously said Meghan would be a good candidate for the Oval Office. But Thomas' son doesn't believe that. His sister always focused on fairy tales and princesses, never on politics.

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