Anna Ermakova: "I want to be an actress"

Anna Ermakova: "I want to be an actress"
Anna Ermakova: "I want to be an actress"

Boris Becker's only daughter, Anna Ermakova, is currently studying art history in her native city of London. In an interview with the "Bild" newspaper, she now revealed that she is not drawn to the museum after graduation. Her career aspirations could still have something to do with a screen. "I want to be an actress," she says. "I'm shy and afraid of being rejected, but I still want to try."

No close connection to father and half brothers

So she doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of her father, the great Wimbledon hero. It's not really surprising, after all, the connection - even to her three half-brothers - doesn't seem to be too close, as Ermakova suggests: "We almost all live in different places. We didn't grow up together. It's not easy at all."

What connects her with her father is their looks. "Everyone says that. My hair, my face," confirms the tennis star's daughter. "Maybe it's good to be strong like him," she adds.

Thoughtful in Lockdown

Anna Ermakova only spent the corona lockdowns with her mother, Angela Ermakova. "I was with my mom the entire lockdown, that's it," she says. Apparently that made her think. She won't be specific, but at least she reveals: "I was confronted with thinking about my family. In a whole new way. To see who is really fair. Who tries and who really stands by you."

Anna Ermakova comes from the short relationship between Boris Becker and Angela Ermakova. Her half-brothers Noah and Elias are from Becker's first marriage to Barbara Becker. His son Amadeus was born in his second marriage to Lilly Becker.

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