Anna Ermakova: So freely she welcomes the summer in a bikini

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Anna Ermakova: So freely she welcomes the summer in a bikini
Anna Ermakova: So freely she welcomes the summer in a bikini

Model Anna Ermakova certainly made one or the other look twice in her Insta story. Boris Becker's daughter posted a selfie that shows her in a bikini in front of the bathroom mirror. A week after another celebrity offspring urged her to be more revealing.

Anna works on the perfect tan


Anna is in Monte-Carlo and is taking her followers to the beach. Against the breathtaking backdrop of the Monegasque skyscrapers and with a view of the blue Mediterranean Sea, the 22-year-old seems to be spending a wonderful summer's day there.

But that bikini snapshot should definitely be of particular note. "The tan is developing very well," she writes. In the skimpy bikini top, Anna is pretty close to a seamless tan.

Anna likes to present herself freely

Her 47,000 followers are aware that the young model likes to show what she has. Again and again Anna poses lasciviously on the internet platform – also to the delight of her fans. Recently, however, she had also slightly upset some of them with a photo on Instagram.

The photo also shows Anna in Monte-Carlo. She wears a white, see-through top – without a bra. But she covered her nipple with a heart that was put on afterwards. Instagram bans showing female nipples. Many fans were disappointed that their idol would not change anything. Damian Hurley, son of actress Elizabeth Hurley, even urged Anna to be bolder and more outspoken.

Getting creative with Instagram guidelines

Anna doesn't seem to have taken the celebrity offspring's advice directly. She doesn't have to. After all, it is her own choice how she poses on HER Instagram account. She is not happy about the injustice in terms of freedom of movement. In any case, she reacted to Damian's comment with two crying smileys.

Other celebrity ladies have found a creative and funny way to circumvent gender injustice on Instagram: Kylie Jenner posted a photo of herself in a bizarre bikini top. And rapper Iggy Azalea even wore a full nude dress!

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