"Goodbye Germany" emigrant Caro Robens: hairy change

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"Goodbye Germany" emigrant Caro Robens: hairy change
"Goodbye Germany" emigrant Caro Robens: hairy change

"What a difference!" - Caro Robens hardly recognizes her reflection in the mirror. The "Goodbye Germany" star has new eyebrows. Instead of wispy blond hair, dark brown, finely painted eyebrows now frame her face. The bodybuilder had the beautician pimp her eye area with the help of "microblading" and is now proudly sharing the result on Instagram. The response of their fans and followers? Exceptional Enthusiasm!

Caro is overjoyed with her new look

In the before and after comparison, the visual change is particularly noticeable. "What a difference eyebrows make. I'm super happy with the result!", the "Summer House of the Stars" winner comments on her photo.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a permanent make-up method that originated in Asia. It is done manually and not with a machine like other types of permanent make-up. Microblading is only performed with a kind of pen on which tiny blades are lined up next to each other. With these mini blades, very fine lines are scratched into the skin and the color pigments are worked into the skin in this way. This is usually done primarily on the eyebrows. They are thus permanently brought into the desired shape.

Plucking was the worst

Not only Caro, but also her Instagram followers and companions are enthusiastic. This becomes clear when you look at the comment column. "Summer House of the Stars" comrade-in-arms Annemarie Eilfeld writes: "Wow, great work. Looks great!". Bert Wollersheim can only agree: "Looks great." But if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer - a follower knows that, who writes: "Mega, but certainly not pain-free". And indeed, Caro responds with a small report on the comment: "A bit pricked. But the plucking was the worst," the 41-year-old recalls and admits: "I'm a real wimp there." But the pain was undoubtedly worth it!

The "Goodbye Germany" star likes hairy changes

Caro likes to surprise with type changes. Even though the reality TV star always stays true to her hardened bodybuilder physique, the 41-year-old loves to experiment with her hairstyles. It doesn't matter whether it's bright red Rasta braids, half-shaved hair, purple mane or a Barbie hairstyle - the "Goodbye Germany" star is a real style chameleon.

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How Caro and husband Andreas Robens fought their way to victory in "Das Sommerhaus der Stars" can be seen on TVNOW. And the couple in "Caro + Andreas: 4 Fäuste für Mallorca" is also on the Streaming platform.

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