After approach: Caro Robens speaks plain language

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After approach: Caro Robens speaks plain language
After approach: Caro Robens speaks plain language

What a surprise! At Danni Büchner's Christmas party last weekend, we also discovered Caro and Andreas Robens among the guests. And that, although there was an ice age between the three TV emigrants. The reason: A nasty Zoff because of the Faneteria. But the feud is apparently history. In the RTL interview, the former brawlers now reveal who took the first step towards reconciliation and why, despite the rapprochement, one cannot yet speak of a friendship.

That's what the Faneteria Zoff was about

What happened? At the beginning of 2021, Danni Büchner decided with a heavy heart to close the Faneteria forever. The bistro was once the pride of her late husband Jens Büchner. But the 43-year-old could no longer continue her lover's dream - and the Robens came into play. Together with business partners, they took over the shop in Cala Millor to open a second "Iron Diner" branch.

Danni congratulated the new owners of the place - surprised but friendly - via Instagram. But there was one thing she didn't like at all. At the press photocall, the Robens posed in front of a "Faneteria" painting of them and Jens. Danni found that disrespectful - especially since she was not given time to paint over the wall before the handover. A little later, Andreas let off steam artistically on the picture and gave Danni vampire teeth. While Danni reacted relatively calmly via social media, the network community was outraged. In an RTL interview at the time, the Robens justified their swipe "That was really funny" and emphasized that they "didn't want to annoy Danni".

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