Kanye West is back on Instagram with this post

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Kanye West is back on Instagram with this post
Kanye West is back on Instagram with this post

Back from the Instagram break: Sometimes Kanye West deletes all posts, then his profile is even temporarily blocked because of his questionable statements and now Kim Kardashian's ex is celebrating a comeback on the social media platform - of course Kanye style.

The rapper is posting again

Kanye, who has been calling himself "Ye" for quite some time, already deleted all photos from his Instagram account at the end of last year without notice. In March of this year, however, he made headlines with new posts. Because even a Kanye can't afford everything on social networks. According to US media, after the star repeatedly got carried away with poisoning other celebrities, his Instagram account was temporarily blocked for 24 hours. The reason: For weeks, the musician etched there at the worst level against his ex Kim and her new partner Pete Davidson.

Now he uses his platform, which is followed by around 16 million subscribers, again for his view of things. But this time it's not about hate speech, it's actually about a new project of his.

Kanye West Announces Collaboration With Fast Food Chain

Below a picture of a burger wrapper, Kanye announces that he's teamed up with designer Naoto Fukasawa and is said to be redesigning the packaging for a major fast food chain. More details are not yet known.

Kim Kardashian welcomed his profile ban

Remains to be seen how long things remain professional and calm on the rapper's account. His ex-wife "Kim thought the ban was fair," an anonymous source told People magazine at the time. While it wasn't a big deal for her, she "joked that she needed a day off." West's many Instagram posts were "exhaustive" over time.

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