Ariana Grande is breaking off her engagement to Pete Davidson

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Ariana Grande is breaking off her engagement to Pete Davidson
Ariana Grande is breaking off her engagement to Pete Davidson

It's over as quickly as it started. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have split. The question remains: Who gets custody of mini pig Piggie Smalls?

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande: Unlucky in Love

It's a well-known fact that things rarely last long in Hollywood. The worm seems to be in there, especially with the young pop stars. Let's take Selena Gomez as an example. Her on/off drama with Justin Bieber resembled a mega exaggerated telenovela. Well, and now she's in psychiatric treatment after having a nervous breakdown and he's sprinting down the aisle with his Hailey Baldwin.

And that's exactly where pop starlet Ariana Grande wanted to go. And with Pete Davidson. She only met the actor shortly after breaking up with rapper Mac Miller in May and got engaged to him a month later, including a 3-carat engagement ring and a party at Disneyland.

Reason for separation: It all happened too fast for them


And now Ariana and Pete called off the engagement and broke up. It's over, dear ones. It's over. Apparently everything went too fast for them. To be honest, it doesn't surprise me for a number of reasons.

I think Ariana jumped into the relationship with Pete too quickly after Mac Miller broke up. The comedian openly admits to having mental he alth problems. The fact that the two celebrated their private lives extensively on Instagram probably didn't help either.

She even talked about Pete Davidson's penis length

Hach, what a love show the two of them put on on social media. A kissing photo here, a silly video there, and then Ariana chatted about the length of her sweetheart's penis on Twitter. Too much information, I'm just saying. No one really wanted to know, Ariana!

And Pete also raved about his fiancée practically non-stop. "The day I saw her, I said, 'Hey, I'll marry you tomorrow'," said the love-drunk "Captain Insane" – that's what his Ariana sometimes called him. It fits, because good old Pete isn't just crazy, he's also set a really crazy pace. Love in the fast lane! Apparently it's thrown him off the curve on this fast ride to lovemaking.

What will happen to his Ariana tattoos? And the mini pig?

It's just a shame that Pete, who has a crush on him, got two tattoos in honor of his loved ones. Will the black rabbit mask on Ariana's album cover "Dangerous Woman" behind his ear and her initials on his thumb now fall victim to the laser?

And what about the mini pig that Ariana and Pete recently adopted together? Ariana just posted a photo of Piggie Smalls. Does that mean she has custody of the pig they share? Questions upon questions that Ariana and Pete will hopefully give us answers to soon:

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