Ariana Grande's Christmas tree is hanging from the ceiling

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Ariana Grande's Christmas tree is hanging from the ceiling
Ariana Grande's Christmas tree is hanging from the ceiling

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree! Because Ariana Grande's life has been turned upside down in recent months, the singer has now decided on an unusual Christmas decoration. You can see exactly what this looks like in our video.

Sometimes life just turns upside down

You don't see such an unusual Christmas tree every day: Ariana Grande's tree seems to defy gravity and hangs from the ceiling in the singer's living room, complete with a chain of lights, as she shows on Instagram.

In New York, the 25-year-old was now asked by paparazzi why she chose this unusual Christmas decoration. To which Ariana replied: "Sometimes life just turns upside down." So the tree is not only a Christmas tradition, but also a metaphor.

Many ups and downs for Ariana Grande since 2017

In the past year and a half, the "Thank U, Next" singer has had a lot going on: at the beginning of 2018, she not only had to deal with the separation from her boyfriend Mac Miller, but also his premature death. The singer died in September 2018 from a deadly cocktail of drugs and medication. In the meantime, Grande had fallen in love with comedian Pete Davidson and was lightning-fast engaged to him, but after Mac Miller's sudden death her life fell apart and the young relationship ended.

2017 was already a cruel year for the singer: after one of her concerts in Manchester, UK, 22 fans died in a suicide attack by a young man in May.

The wounds of the last few years are slowly healing, Grande has accepted her fate for this year and adapts to the circumstances in the form of a crooked Christmas tree. Well then, Happy Holidays!

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