Why is comedian Pete Davidson such a hit with celebrity women?

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Why is comedian Pete Davidson such a hit with celebrity women?
Why is comedian Pete Davidson such a hit with celebrity women?

Pop star Ariana Grande wanted to marry him, actress Kate Beckinsale chased after him and model Kaia Gerber kissed him in the pool. What makes comedian Pete Davidson so attractive?

Pete Davidson: He dates the most desirable women in Hollywood

Up until a year ago, almost only comedy fans knew the name Pete Davidson. The 26-year-old is part of the Saturday Night Live sketch group, which airs weekly on one of the biggest US TV networks.

But then Pete started dating Ariana Grande and got engaged to the pop star in record time. It goes without saying that the media went totally crazy at the time. Especially when Ariana called off the engagement after a short time and processed the whole thing in one of her songs.

Pete quickly forgot any pain of separation when he was spotted with Kate Beckinsale a few months later. She is said to have followed him at the Golden Globes Awards. Then it was actress Margaret Qualley's turn. And he is currently flirting with model Kaia Gerber for everyone to see.

What is his recipe for success?

But what makes the comedian so desirable? His sense of humor? His looks probably less so. His tattoo collection shouldn't necessarily freak the girls out either. Did Ariana Grande tell us the secret of Pete's flirting success in a tweet last year?

Back then, she unabashedly talked about the seemingly incredible length of Pete's best play, sparking - I'm not kidding - a debate about "Big Dick Energy". Pete himself didn't find it funny that Ariana spilled such risqué details about him.

Kaia Gerber can't resist him

Kaia Gerber is currently the woman at Pete's side. She too seems to be very attracted to the actor, as evidenced by the hot smooching pics from Miami. My friends here in LA are convinced that it's Pete's "bed qualities" that drive the model insane. "It won't last long, they're both just blowing off steam," said my friend Kat, who knows all about celebrity gossip.

Kaia's mother, Cindy Crawford, is said to be quite positive about her daughter's flirtation. "She wants Kaia to be happy, and right now Pete is making her happy, so Cindy is trying to stay out of it," US Weekly quoted an insider as saying. Let's see how long Pete makes Kaia happy. The love carousel should soon continue to turn.

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