Influencer Christin Kaeber reveals baby gender

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Influencer Christin Kaeber reveals baby gender
Influencer Christin Kaeber reveals baby gender

Christin Kaeber is pregnant again – the influencer proudly announced that a few weeks ago. Until now, she didn't know whether she and her partner Leons could look forward to another daughter or, this time, a boy. The secret of the gender of the second baby has finally been revealed!

Liz Kaeber becomes an aunt to a boy

Christin decided not to find out the sex at the gynecologist, but to have the result of the ultrasound written down on a piece of paper. She then entrusted this to her sister Liz Kaeber, who organized a gender reveal party. The weekend was celebrated in the closest family circle – including a large balloon with either pink or blue confetti in it. Until then, only the former "Bachelor" candidate, who once fought for the heart of Rosenkavalier Oliver Sanne, knew whether it would be a boy or a girl.

Shortly after the little break, Christin lets her fans share the moment on Instagram when they find out the sex of their offspring. Together with her boyfriend, she bursts the balloon in a video - and a lot comes out… blue! "Finally, finally, finally! I'm just going to be an aunt to a little boy. Oh god it's still so amazing and I'm so excited for our little man," commented Aunt Liz, overwhelmed, on her sister's post.

Ex-"Bachelor" candidate also wants offspring

While Christin is pregnant for the second time, Liz, who suffers from endometriosis, has not yet had a child. A successful operation had recently provided hope. “I always had a wall in my uterus […]. The doctor said it was quite time-consuming, but it could also be removed. And that was the greatest thing for me, because nothing stands in the way of my desire to have children anymore," she told her community from the hospital bed. And who knows, maybe Christin will soon be able to return the favor to her sister with a gender reveal party…

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