Philipp Stehler: Ex-Bachelorette-Boy shows his artificial bowel outlet

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Philipp Stehler: Ex-Bachelorette-Boy shows his artificial bowel outlet
Philipp Stehler: Ex-Bachelorette-Boy shows his artificial bowel outlet

In "The Bachelorette" Philipp Stehler became known as a well-trained sunny boy. At the moment he is talking less about hot body pics and more about his bowel disease with honest words. And now reveals that he almost died as a result of his illness.

I almost died of complications from an intestinal disease

The reality star shares ruthlessly honest words about his he alth with his followers. In one picture he shows two versions of himself. On the left Philipp, as he became famous on TV back then, well trained and tanned. On the right a modified man, with significantly less body mass and muscles. In addition, a "bag" on the stomach - an artificial bowel outlet. "My name is Philipp Stehler, I'm 33 years "Image" and almost died as a result of chronic inflammatory bowel disease. It took me a while to post this picture. Pretty much exactly 1 year and 2 weeks. Because on September 22, 2020, my artificial anus could be removed again," he writes to his fans.

Former 'Bachelor in Paradise' star wants to break taboo

Since then, according to Philipp, he has worked through everything "daily", from the first symptoms in 2010 to the "fourth and last operation, where the 'bag' could be removed from me again". The artificial anus saved his life. Above all, he asks his followers for understanding: β€œIn recent years I have learned a lot about myself and life. Don't take it amiss if, as of today, I'm not hiding anything anymore. A colostomy was new to me, unknown, psychologically and physically a burden, but above all it saved my life! Hundreds of thousands of people in Germany suffer from chronic intestinal diseases. Most will never talk about it because problems with digestion are still very taboo.”

To break this taboo, the ex-Bachelor in Paradise contestant decided to write down his experiences in a book.

Philipp Stehler confidently shows his scar

The "ulcerative colitis" for which Philipp was treated is a chronic inflammation of the intestinal mucosa. It begins in the rectum and then spreads to the junction of the small and large intestine. The inflammation usually occurs in flares – for life.

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