Heino is worried about friend Siegfried Fischbacher

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Heino is worried about friend Siegfried Fischbacher
Heino is worried about friend Siegfried Fischbacher

Sad news from Siegfried Fischbacher. The star magician of the legendary duo "Siegfried &Roy" is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. Although the tumor was removed during an operation, the cancer has already spread. Supposedly Siegfried is currently preparing to die. Pop singers Heino and Siegfried have known each other for over 40 years and are very closely connected. When we meet Heino for the interview, he tells us what important message he still wants to convey to Siegfried. In our video he addresses his friend with emotional words.

Heino and Siegfried talk on the phone at least once a week

For the entertainer Siegfried, his cancer diagnosis is the second stroke of fate within a few months. In May 2020 he had to say goodbye to his longtime partner Roy Horn. The 75-year-old died after being infected with the corona virus.

Heino normally calls Siegfried every day. Even when Siegfried's cancer diagnosis became public on Monday, January 11, Heino called his friend. However, he only reaches the housekeeper. "I spoke to him on the phone today. So not with Siegfried, but with the housekeeper and I wanted to know how Siegfried is doing and she said: 'He's in the Secrets Garden right now'. That's where he always is when he's signing autographs. That's where the fans come in," the hit star tells us in an interview.

Heino likes to think back to experiences with Siegfried & Roy

Heino is only too happy to reminisce about old times and beautiful moments that he experienced together with Siegfried and Roy. A special highlight was his 80th birthday: “It went on until 4:30 am. We were at the Wynn Hotel and we celebrated my birthday there. Then, the day after, we drove out to see Siegfried and Roy and then we celebrated again, so to speak." And these memories will stay with Heino forever.

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