Heino's ex-confidant speaks up

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Heino's ex-confidant speaks up
Heino's ex-confidant speaks up

"We are friends for life, we will never give up, we have sworn to each other forever." Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In the ears of the former Heino confidants, his songs sound like sheer mockery. In the video, Jutta Thormann is now fighting the theory that she was only ever after Heino's millions.

You had all powers of attorney issued to us

"Now that I've been presented here as a household help and inheritance hunter, I would like to do my part and say something here. Jutta Thormann is visibly upset. The 53-year-old officer and her husband were considered close confidants of Heino and Hannelore for many years. They took care of the household and helped the hit star in many matters. "They had issued all powers of attorney to us. All general powers of attorney. Living wills. The bank powers of attorney," the 53-year-old tells us.

The adoption was planned as the next step, which, according to Thormann, should only bring advantages for everyone: In addition to care and support for Heino and Hannelore, for the Thormanns, for example in tax terms. Only one court date is said to have been outstanding. Then Heino and Hannelore suddenly withdrew the adoption application that had already been signed by all parties. On the advice of Heino's new manager Helmut Werner? "The two were sitting together in the kitchen. And I just heard Helmut Werner talking wildly to Heino," said Thormann, who was an integral part of the pop legend's life for more than 20 years and was also listed as a beneficiary in his will became.

I included them in my inheritance

According to Heino, he felt more and more harassed by Jutta, Heino clarified in the RTL interview. He initially agreed to the idea of adoption so that Hannelore would be taken care of in case something happened to him. "I had taken them into account in my inheritance, but that was probably not enough," explained Heino. The inheritance has since been reorganized. The former confidants only communicate through lawyers.


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