Heino's hometown Bad Münstereifel is destroyed: "I'm very shocked!"

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Heino's hometown Bad Münstereifel is destroyed: "I'm very shocked!"
Heino's hometown Bad Münstereifel is destroyed: "I'm very shocked!"

Streets have disappeared, houses have been washed away, cellars are under water: West Germany is still in a state of emergency after the severe flooding. Many people have lost all their belongings. The spa town of Bad Münstereifel is one of the places that was hit the hardest. Here the water masses have almost destroyed the entire old town. Singer Heino also saw the devastating pictures from his hometown."I'm very shocked," says the 82-year-old now to RTL.

I remember such pictures from the war as a child

Heino has been living in Bad Münstereifel for over 40 years. The tranquil town of 18,000 inhabitants with a half-timbered ambience is a popular tourist destination. But since the night of July 15, nothing has been the same there. Now the place is like a rubble field. After the heavy rains, the otherwise calm river Erft turned into a torrent and turned the city center into a disaster area. A terrible sight that deeply shocked singer Heino. "I was horrified at first and couldn't imagine it at all," says the 82-year-old in an RTL interview. “I still remember such pictures as a child from the war. It makes me incredibly sad. Many livelihoods will surely perish. It is very sad that there are such natural disasters in this day and age.”

Heino's house was spared

Heino's sympathy goes to the business owners in the historic pedestrian zone. In the completely destroyed city center, many have lost their entire existence. He really hopes that the Steinbach dam will hold and that the local people no longer have to fear further damage. "I hope that it will end soon and that there will be a good mood again in Bad Münstereifel."

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