Britney Spears: Fans concerned

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Britney Spears: Fans concerned
Britney Spears: Fans concerned

Britney Spears is once again causing a stir on Instagram. The singer shared ten nude photos of herself on her account - within an hour! Her fans then expressed concern in the comments.

Britney poses on a hotel bed

In the photos, Spears is seen dressed only in a turquoise leopard thong while lying on a bed. She reveals that she took the snapshots herself with her cell phone. She is currently in a hotel in London. Last but not least, the 40-year-old posted a video of herself striking different poses on the bed and smiling for the camera.

Concerned fans

"What's going on?" Some of her followers ask in the comments. "What the hell happened?" comments another person. "These photos feel weird," writes another concerned user. A fan addresses Spears directly: "Are you okay?" It is well known that Spears has liked to present himself freely on Instagram since the end of his guardianship.

Married Britney is back! - with lots of bare skin

Even on her honeymoon with husband Sam Asghari, the singer insisted on sharing topless pictures. After the wedding in early June, the two enjoyed a two-week yacht vacation, as she revealed on Instagram. The couple have been together for around five years.

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