Britney Spears sees red: Fans worry about cryptic posts

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Britney Spears sees red: Fans worry about cryptic posts
Britney Spears sees red: Fans worry about cryptic posts

Britney Spears raises question marks with her appearance on social media. First the singer shares a flood of nude photos and now she sees red. Literally. On the Instagram profile of the 40-year-old there are pictures of a bright red surface. Caption or classification – none. Now the pop singer's fans are expressing their concern.

Confusion in the comments column

Britney Spears has increasingly worried her fans after sharing a series of "red pics" on Instagram. In the comments section below the two cryptic posts, Britney's fans and followers gather, expressing their concern and confusion. "Are you alright?" asks one user, while another adds, "I'm worried." A fan asks for new clues to get to the bottom of the "mystery". "What does that mean?" and "This really is an FBI case," two other fans join in. Someone even thinks the red posts are a cry for help. "I think she's asking for help. She often posts in red when people ask her if she's in trouble," believes one.

Is Britney still not free?

The theory has been floating around in the comments that despite being acquitted from her father Jamie's years of tutelage, the musician is still not free. "Britney doesn't look any different than she did when she was under guardianship and her environment hasn't changed much," notes one user.

Fans suspect that Britney would show herself more in public, with new styling or in live stories if she lived completely on her own. Is there anything to the fears? Questionable. After all, the posts could just be promo for a new project or album, one fan notes. Let's hope it's the latter.

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