Truck full of sand: Sophia Thomalla takes revenge on Lukas Podolski

Truck full of sand: Sophia Thomalla takes revenge on Lukas Podolski
Truck full of sand: Sophia Thomalla takes revenge on Lukas Podolski

Sophia Thomalla and Lukas Podolski are currently having a little exchange of blows. Most recently, the presenter left a pile of sand for the soccer professional, which he now urgently wants to get rid of, as his latest Instagram post proves. "13 tons of sand to give away cheaply. Please DM @sophiathomalla," he wrote under a photo of him shoveling the sand. How did the unusual delivery come about? Well, it all started with a kebab.

Sophia Thomalla says thank you with a load of sand for Lukas Podolski's doner kebab delivery

When the footballer posted a photo of himself with a kebab from his own snack chain on Tuesday with the description "Back in Cologne. First a kebab", he had no idea that Sophia Thomalla would take this as an occasion for a little joke.

Promptly she reacted to the photo with the comment: "I always thought kebab makes you more beautiful", and added a laughing emoji. The athlete didn't let that sit and replied: "Hahahaha … you in Cologne? First aid is on the way ….!"

Shortly thereafter, the presenter actually held a kebab from the Poldi kebab chain in her hand, as she proved in a post: The soccer professional had sent her a load of food to the office of the start-up Schüttflix, where she went to the time to visit. She wrote: "The kebab man was there! Touché! 1: 1 for @lukaspodolski. That was a pen alty without a goalkeeper", and added: "Wait a minute my friend, I'll return the favor later."

Thomalla's return carriage followed promptly. 13 tons of sand landed for the athlete in front of Lukas Podolski's sports park in Bergheim. Thomalla had ordered the tipper via Schüttflix. Vehicles loaded with sand, crushed stone or gravel can be ordered via the app - Thomalla is not only a testimonial for the start-up, but also a co-partner. "Thought you could always use playing sand as an athlete," joked the 32-year-old in an Instagram story that shows the truck with the load.

Podolski takes the load of sand with humor

Further stories show the sand being unloaded in front of the sports park. Finally, Thomalla appeared amused again with the doner kebab in hand and wrote: "But it was delicious. Thank you!"

"That happens when @sophiatomalla thanks you for a kebab," commented the footballer in a repost from Thomalla's Instagram story. Podolski took the teasing with humor. "The Thomalla has one on the waffle. It's not quite clean anymore," he joked about the sand delivery in his story. Like the doner kebab, the sand also finds a sensible use: Podolski donates the load to the city of Bergheim - for playgrounds or flood protection.

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