Victoria Beckham: Star chef complains on TV about her strange eating habits

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Victoria Beckham: Star chef complains on TV about her strange eating habits
Victoria Beckham: Star chef complains on TV about her strange eating habits

Victoria Beckham under fire: In an interview, famous Spanish chef Dani Garcia recalls footballer Sergio Ramos' wedding in 2019 and tells how nerve-wracking the 48-year-old's "complicated" meal requests were. David Beckham's wife has "changed the entire menu" and revealed "weird" eating habits.

A star chef is angry

The Spanish star chef Dani García has cooked up three Michelin stars since 2018 - the highest award that a top chef can ever receive. His food compositions are creative works of art, with every nuance of taste coordinated.

But Victoria Beckham probably didn't like this kind of cooking. In the popular Spanish evening show "El Hormiguero", in which stars such as Justin Bieber and Will Smith have also been guests, Dani Garcia now commented on the eating habits of the ex-"Spice Girls", with whom he was at the wedding of soccer star Sergio Ramos was confronted. Instead of enjoying the prepared menu, Victoria had some special requests: "Her menu was very different and it was all about vegetables," reported Dani García. He continued, "Then there were some weird things that I've never seen in my life. She always carried coconut water, a bowl of mints, and hydroalcoholic gel.”

Simple fare or extravagant special requests?

The top chef makes it clear what he thought of these special requests then and now: "It was very sad when you went to so much trouble. Not only me and my team but also the bride and groom and everyone else to create a unique menu. In addition, Victoria's special requests would have disrupted the process considerably.

Was it really like that? A source close to Victoria disputes that. While this portrayal would make a "nice" story, it is neither fair nor correct. Victoria would only ask for simple fish and vegetables when it came to her special dietary needs.

David Beckham also worries Victoria's eating habits


The designer's eating habits have been a public issue for years. It is said that she only ate strawberries washed down with mineral water during the 2004 European Championships and generally does not eat red meat. In fact, she's described herself as "some restaurants' worst nightmare."

Her husband David also suffers from her eating habits: “I get quite emotional when it comes to food and wine and when I eat something great I want everyone to try it. Unfortunately, I'm married to a woman who's been eating the same thing for 25 years.” Victoria almost exclusively eats grilled fish and vegetables and very rarely deviates from them. Hopefully David can enjoy his favorite dish at home from time to time.

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