Cathy Hummels on the worst depression of her life

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Cathy Hummels on the worst depression of her life
Cathy Hummels on the worst depression of her life

Just recently there were rumors about Cathy and Mats Hummels' alleged divorce. When the presenter spoke openly in an interview with the magazine "Bunte" about her experiences with depression and her dealings with the disease, the still marriage with the soccer star was also an issue.

An "extremely difficult time" for Cathy

Cathy Hummels suffered from depression very early on, at the age of 16: "I was constantly sad, cried a lot, isolated myself and was more of an outsider at school."For two years she had no friends at school and was bullied. "It was an incredibly difficult time," the influencer recalls. She now knows that it's not normal to see no meaning in life anymore.

She went through the worst depression of her life, including panic attacks, at the age of 24. At that time, she wanted "to do everything to have a happy marriage," explains the "Battle of the Reality Stars" presenter. In 2015 she gave the vows to soccer star Mats Hummels, and their son Ludwig was born in 2018 I always wanted to take care of everything perfectly, but that didn't go on like this." Eventually, she learned to put her needs first, after those of her son. "I couldn't do that for a long time," says the passionate mom.

That's why Cathy Hummel is in the best mood

Cathy Hummels: "This disease doesn't stop at fame, money or beauty."

Meanwhile, Cathy has new courage and a lot of joie de vivre. "Today I'm fine, also thanks to professional support," she says. In addition to the talk therapy, she also took antidepressants. Now she's helped by sport, yoga, her work and by consciously taking time for herself. Nevertheless, it's a daily challenge. "You have to take care of yourself, your body and your soul, and take care of yourself to be happy," says Cathy.

Now she uses Instagram, among other things, to break the taboo of the disease. The presenter wants to “give a face to depression” and is committed to raising awareness of issues related to depression and mental he alth. “This disease does not stop at fame, money or beauty. She can meet anyone,” the 34-year-old clarifies. She wants to use her years of sadness to encourage others. “That's my mission,” said Cathy's announcement.

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