Cathy Hummels smooches son Ludwig (4): Now she reacts to the giant vortex

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Cathy Hummels smooches son Ludwig (4): Now she reacts to the giant vortex
Cathy Hummels smooches son Ludwig (4): Now she reacts to the giant vortex

She definitely wasn't expecting that when she posted a photo with her son on Instagram. Nevertheless, there was a lot of criticism for Cathy Hummels! And that's because she gives her son Ludwig a little smack on the mouth in the picture. Now the mother commented on it.

Does the kissing photo go too far?

Actually, the loyal fans and followers of the 34-year-old are always excited when Cathy posts pictures or videos with her son Ludwig. But that changed abruptly when the mom shared a picture of herself and the little one with her Instagram followers kissing him on the mouth. That went too far for some of her followers.

Cathy should stop projecting more into her son than he is and find a man instead. "Mother-child love is all well and good, but these mantra-like, exaggerated declarations of love for the little prince can also backfire properly," writes a follower under the post. “It now seems really unhe althy and slightly strange. I like Cathy, only these pictures I find strange. He's the son and shouldn't be used as a male substitute,” she adds.

Cathy Hummels: "I'll kiss my boy as long as he wants"

The moderator is slowly fed up with the criticism and is now addressing her followers with another post. In the picture she can be seen in a bathing suit by the lake and the caption reads: "Enjoy your weekend and send lots of kisses and love to your children. My boy will be kissed by me for as long as he wants."

That's an announcement! Mats Hummels' estranged wife has a very special relationship with her son that nobody but the two of them has to understand, and she shows that with this statement. She also hinted at this in an interview with Bunte: "I was usually the one who took care of the family and was solely responsible for a lot," revealed the 34-year-old. Since it was rather difficult for him to see Ludwig a lot due to the distance to Mats and his job, she had always been the one who was there for her son.

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