Cathy Hummels marvels at big "device": Is that a dig at Mats?

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Cathy Hummels marvels at big "device": Is that a dig at Mats?
Cathy Hummels marvels at big "device": Is that a dig at Mats?

This joke goes below the belt - literally. Cathy Hummels is given an XXL cucumber and can't help but joke when she sees the giant device. Does she HERE want to allude to problems in the basement of her husband Mats Hummels?

Cathy is happy about a vegetable gift after a stressful phase

"So folks, home office is done today. I'll close my laptop now and go to dear Edith for coaching. I'm feeling much better today," Cathy explains to her fans on Instagram. After a few stressful days, the influencer seems to have calmed down again. A condition that is further strengthened by the coaching. Because the session is going "great" for the 34-year-old, who is known for dealing openly with her problems.

When there is stress in everyday life, it is not only good to talk to someone, but also to have a good laugh. And Cathy has every reason to do so when she sees a souvenir from her coach. "My coach Edith brought me a cucumber from her garden," says Cathy. A gesture the "Battle of the Reality Stars" presenter really appreciates. “I love fruit and veg so much. Especially with home-grown vegetables you can make me so happy,” says Cathy. A joy and also a fit of laughter.

Finally a 'cucumber' that 'keeps' what it promises

Because the cucumber gift has it all."That's a device, isn't it?" Cathy marvels and then makes an allusion that could also be understood as a taunt against her estranged husband. "Just the right size. Finally a "cucumber" that "keeps" what it promises," the 34-year-old comments on the snapshot of the XXL vegetables.

Well, if Mats didn't choke while reading this post. But of course Cathy was just joking, as she reveals in the next story: "It was so bad it was good."

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