"Alarming he alth concerns": How bad is the Queen?

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"Alarming he alth concerns": How bad is the Queen?
"Alarming he alth concerns": How bad is the Queen?

This development is worrying! Queen Elizabeth II's role in the monarchy has now been scaled back significantly due to major he alth concerns. There has not been such a change in her position for more than a decade.

Fewer tasks for Queen Elizabeth II

As the "Sunday Telegraph" reports, the monarch is stepping down. The reason is said to be "alarming he alth concerns".

Due to the situation, the duties of the Royal are said to have been scaled back. This definition of tasks is based on the "Sovereign Grant Report". After its adjustment, more duties now migrate to Prince Charles, son of Elizabeth. And as a result, from now on she will keep fewer appointments.


For 70 years Elizabeth has sat on the throne

The Queen of Britain ascended the throne when she was only 25 years old. The noblewoman has ruled for 70 years and celebrated her big platinum anniversary in 2022.

The age of the 96-year-old is now having a noticeable effect on her role. Due to restrictions on their mobility, the palace had recently enforced changes in the announcement of official dates.

The Queen's New "Carriage"

These have only been trending on short notice lately - a nod to Charles' mother's apparently shaky he alth situation.

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