Bye-bye, Buckingham Palace: Will Prince Charles live in this palace as King?

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Bye-bye, Buckingham Palace: Will Prince Charles live in this palace as King?
Bye-bye, Buckingham Palace: Will Prince Charles live in this palace as King?

Sure, the British monarch lives in Buckingham Palace – right? The British royal family owns a number of castles and mansions. And exactly, since the reign of King George III. Buckingham Palace in London is the main residence of the royals. Actually, the nearby St James's Palace is considered the most important royal residence. So, would it be possible for Prince Charles to re-establish it as a headquarters during his reign? After all, he already lives in Clarence House, which is part of St James' Palace…

Will St James's Palace become the main residence again?

St James's Palace, in London's Westminster, was built by King Henry VIII in the 1530s and was considered London's second most important residence by most Tudor and Stuart monarchs. The official website states that St James's Palace was the residence of the kings and queens of England for over 300 years until the reign of Queen Victoria - who moved to Buckingham Palace in 1837. Queen Elizabeth II never resided directly in St James Palace. However, before her father's death in 1952, she lived with her family at Clarence House.

Prince Charles: Buckingham Palace is "the visible symbol of the monarchy"

Today, their son Prince Charles lives with his wife Duchess Camilla at Clarence House. Will the Queen's eldest child make St James's Palace the main residence again after his coronation? According to the Daily Mail, that's at least extremely unlikely. Charles is expected to remain loyal to Buckingham Palace. According to the report, he reportedly "strongly believes" that only Buckingham Palace "is the visible symbol of the monarchy in the capital" and therefore must also become his home as king.

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Family Celebrations at St James's Palace

Nevertheless, the walls of James's Palace will not stand empty. To this day it is the official administrative seat of the British monarchs. Several members of the royal family can be found there, as well as their offices. Up to 100 receptions for charities are hosted on the premises each year. A number of family celebrations have also been held there - most recently the christening of Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Duchess Kate, in 2013.

By the way, Queen Elizabeth II has been living at Windsor Castle for a while now. It was first announced in March 2022 that the Queen would be turning her back on her main residence in London. For a long time, Windsor Castle, which is about 35 kilometers outside the British capital, was used mainly as a weekend residence by the Queen.

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