Lady Diana: Previously Unreleased Portrait Revealed

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Lady Diana: Previously Unreleased Portrait Revealed
Lady Diana: Previously Unreleased Portrait Revealed

Lady Diana went down in the history of the British royal family as the "Queen of Hearts". In her honor, a previously unpublished portrait will be presented at Kensington Palace on March 4th.

Lady Diana has never been seen like this before

Even after her fatal car accident in 1997, Prince William and Prince Harry's mother will not be forgotten. A previously unpublished photograph of the royal family is on display as part of an exhibition exploring the royal family's relationship with the camera. This will be presented to the public at Kensington Palace on March 4th, 2022.

Photographer David Bailey photographed Diana in 1988

This picture was taken by David Bailey in 1988. For the star photographer, the Princess of Wales was the second member of the royal family he had in front of his lens. Before her, Lord Snowdon, Princess Margaret's husband, posed for him in 1965. Photo of Diana is from Bailey's private archive.

In addition to photographs of the royals, you will also be able to admire the royal family's own works as part of the exhibition. Among other things, recordings that Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate took with their own hands.

It is unclear whether Prince George will also look at the photo of his late grandmother. Royal fans only recently noticed how similar the royal scion looks to Lady Diana. We show the direct comparison in the video.

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