US judge mocks Prince Harry

US judge mocks Prince Harry
US judge mocks Prince Harry

US judge Samuel Alito mocks Prince Harry for interfering in American domestic politics in his eyes. During his speech at the United Nations a few weeks ago, Harry criticized the Supreme Court's decision between the lines. This previously overturned the so-called "Roe v. Wade" verdict. Since then, every US state has been able to determine its own abortion rules and can also completely prohibit abortion.

"What really hurt me," said the conservative Supreme Court Justice, "was when the Duke of Sussex addressed the United Nations and the decision, whose name must not be named, with the Russian attack seemed to compare to Ukraine. Alongside Harry, he also criticized "a number of heads of state" who thought it perfectly fine to comment on American law".

Prince Harry did not name Supreme Court decision

Alito gave his speech on July 21 at a religious freedom conference in Rome, Italy, organized by the law school of the US University of Notre Dame, located in the US state of Indiana. Now his speech has also been published on YouTube. The dig at Prince Harry comes right after his speech in memory of Nelson Mandela. Harry, who was accompanied by his wife Duchess Meghan to the UN in New York, said, among other things, that "a global attack on democracy and freedom" is currently taking place.

As an example, he cited the "terrible war in Ukraine to the point of the revocation of constitutional rights in the USA". The latter is a clear criticism of the Supreme Court's decision and thus of the decision that was also made by Judge Samuel Alito.

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