For almost a million euros: Prince Harry's nude photo underpants are for sale

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For almost a million euros: Prince Harry's nude photo underpants are for sale
For almost a million euros: Prince Harry's nude photo underpants are for sale

It's been ten years since the famous nude photos of Prince Harry from Las Vegas went around the world. A chapter that Duchess Meghan's husband can also look at with a wink today. Until now?! Because an ex-stripper who was there that evening wants to own the underpants that Harry was no longer wearing around his hips in the photos – and it is precisely these textile memories that she now wants to sell. The good piece can be seen in the video.

Harry's Party Past

When you see Harry today, alongside his wife Meghan and their two children, Archie and Lilibet Diana, it's hard to imagine that ten years ago he was still making headlines as the "party prince" and for scandals worried. Including, for example, an excessive holiday in the US gambling city of Las Vegas.

One person who seems to remember it fondly is Carrie Reichert. The former stripper – appropriately going by the name “Carrie Royale” at the time – is said to have spent that hot night with the prince playing strip billiards in the hotel. The photos where Harry covers his - we apologize for the clumsy term, but it fits just too well - "crown jewels" with just his hand. are almost legendary today. Today, Carrie spoke to Britain's The Sun about the infamous nude night: "We kissed, he was naked and quite open about it. It was a drunk faux pas - nothing romantic, just fun."

For Carrie, Harry has changed for the worse

Now she wants to sell the black underpants that the prince's son is said to have given her that evening. For her, the material is one thing above all - obviously in addition to a welcome opportunity to make money - a reminder of the "fun party prince": "When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of humor," explains the 43- Yearlings.

In her eyes, Harry has changed radically and not necessarily for the best: "It's a shame he's so serious and grumpy these days." She only saw him "15 to 20 minutes" and he did was "pretty drunk". But this quarter of an hour could now pay off for them. You can buy the prince's panties from her for 800,000 British pounds. There should also be a dress and a swimsuit that the erotic star was wearing at the time.

Prince Harry talks about the famous night


Today the prince is indeed very different. A few days ago he gave an important speech on the current world situation in front of the “United Nations”. And his time in Las Vegas as "Fun Prince"? He hasn't forgotten that either. He did not comment on the wicked underwear offer. In a podcast, however, he recently spoke smugly about the night in Las Vegas and said: "At least I didn't walk stripped or naked across the Strip." The "Strip" is the desert city's famous casino mile.

But his time in the military in Afghanistan made him a different person. Shortly after the strip billiard photos, he traveled to the Middle East to fight with British soldiers.

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