Battle of the reality stars: trash trill in the final

Battle of the reality stars: trash trill in the final
Battle of the reality stars: trash trill in the final

"Welcome to the Oscars of reality TV," says the spokesman for "Battle of the Reality Stars" at the beginning of the last episode, with his usual smug self-irony from the off. But the analogy to the most important film award in the world is not that presumptuous. In terms of personnel and entertainment value, the second season of the trash spectacle actually played in the Champions League of the genre, the A list of B celebrities was at the start.

Rule Change in Finals

While other relevant shows punish candidates for breaking the rules, the creators of "Battle of the Reality Stars" constantly tweaked the mode unannounced. So of course in the tenth and last episode. Unlike the first season of 2020, in which ex-soccer player Kevin Pannewitz secured victory in an action game, the eliminated candidates can now choose their favorite among the three stars who make it to the final round.

That means: Athleticism, cleverness or luck might get you into the 3rd final, the crown only ensures your popularity with your colleagues. A good and fair rule for a format in which, unlike live shows such as jungle camp or "Celebrity Big Brother", no viewers can decide.

Three ways lead to the final

Claudia Obert was the first participant to make it to the final, in the penultimate episode. The business and socialite submitted a headline on the show that made it into the real tabloids. The shame-free reality lady had "confessed" to having spent 100,000 euros for a callboy within a year. The reward for being pain free was a straight ticket to the last three, which didn't go down well with all of the other contenders.

In the last episode, the stars play out second place in the final in a mixture of race and knowledge game. The celebrities have to answer questions about the show. They should run to find a sign with the correct answer and bring it back to their chairs. As with "Journey to Jerusalem", their number is becoming less and less. The favorite in this game is of course Andrej Mangold as a very clever competitive athlete. The ex-bachelor and ex-basketball player wins then too.

The star who hides an envelope in the sala so well that the competitors cannot find it gets the last final ticket. Loona chooses the best hiding place. There are three candidates in the final who have been there since the first broadcast ten weeks ago.

Triell der Realitystars

There are usually three ways to make it into the finals on relevant reality shows: by winning the qualifying games with sporting commitment, by making yourself popular with fellow candidates, or by being particularly polarizing. Athlete Andrej went the first route, Loona as a nice hostel mother the second and riot sister Claudia the third.

But since it is ultimately the colleagues who decide, victory can only go to one: Loona. Five of the seven eliminated candidates vote for the likeable singer, sometimes in tears. Although the popularity of the Dutchwoman f altered in the meantime - she once wrongly accused Andrej and Jenefer Riili of cheating - and she was considered by some to be a slime, her friendly approach to all candidates pays off.

Andrej gets at least two votes. For the beau, his wish to mend his reputation damaged by 'The Stars' Summer Home' has finally come true. The bully at the time didn't let anything put him to shame this time.

Claudia gets nothing. Although she also appeared sympathetic, a win would have a stale aftertaste for her. After all, their colleagues had voted them out before, and the makers brought them back for some unknown reason.

So the second, very amusing season of "Battle of the Reality Stars" is history. The next one is guaranteed: In the end, the director in all seriousness displayed the e-mail address with which willing celebrities can apply.

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