Claudia Obert: Hot kisses with her private secretary

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Claudia Obert: Hot kisses with her private secretary
Claudia Obert: Hot kisses with her private secretary

Claudia Obert loves it! The fashion entrepreneur and reality TV queen was caught making out with a younger man on Friday. Photos show just how passionate the reality TV star is with her private secretary. RTL put it in what's going on between her and Max.

Claudia Obert enjoys life to the fullest

"I'm having a lot of fun with him these days. His name is Max and he is now my new private secretary. I'm delighted and happy," said Claudia Obert when asked by RTL. In the photo, which was taken at a restaurant opening in Hamburg, she takes her Max in her arms and apparently French kisses him.

Noticeable: The man at her side is likely to be much younger than the 60-year-old. “Now the men are much younger. Love knows no age limits,” says Obert. Their liaison has been going on for six weeks.

You met Max with drag queen Olivia Jones in the Kiez. "A friend said to me, 'Look at how he adores you - and one thing led to another," enthuses the ex-'Battle of the Reality Stars' contestant, letting us know, "I've already lost seven pounds through this love affair." Well, if two of them don't do physical activity…

We have summarized here what is known about Claudia Obert's new love Max.

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