"Das Supertalent": These guest judges are there

"Das Supertalent": These guest judges are there
"Das Supertalent": These guest judges are there

On October 2nd, "Das Supertalent" will start its 15th season. For the first time, Michael Michalsky, Chantal Janzen and Chris and Andreas Ehrlich, better known as the Ehrlich Brothers, are on the jury. In addition, there will be guest jurors who, after two positive corona tests with Chantal Janzen and Lukas Podolski, who was actually intended as the third juror, will take turns giving their assessments of the performances of the talents.

This includes "Let's Dance" juror Motsi Mabuse, who is making a small comeback on "Das Supertalent". In 2011 she replaced Bruce Darnell on the jury. "Ten years ago I was a judge on this show, so much has happened and I've learned so much! I had a great time," explains Mabuse about her return in an Instagram post. Yvonne Catterfeld also has jury experience. Among other things, the singer worked as a coach on "The Voice of Germany", most recently in a double chair with Stefanie Kloß.

"ZDF-Fernsehgarten" presenter Andrea Kiewel, comedian Kaya Yanar and entertainer and presenter Riccardo Simonetti will also be part of the "Supertalent" jury. Sophia Thomalla will also give her ratings. "Me and family television? Can't really believe it myself yet," wrote the presenter in a post. Thomalla, who just moderated "Are You The One - Reality Stars in Love", is known for her direct and often provocative manner. "I can actually be nice if I want to," she asserted in her post.

When can you see which guest judge?

RTL has already announced the exact constellations for the upcoming broadcasts. The Ehrlich Brothers, Riccardo Simonetti, Motsi Mabuse and Michael Michalsky can be seen on October 2nd.

Following: Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Motsi Mabuse, Michael Michalsky; Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Andrea Kiewel, Michael Michalsky; Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Yvonne Catterfeld, Michael Michalsky; Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Kaya Yanar, Michael Michalsky; Riccardo Simonetti, Chantal Janzen, Lukas Podolski, Michael Michalsky, Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Sophia Thomalla, Michael Michalsky.

Lukas Podolski returns

Lukas Podolski's fans don't have to completely do without him in "Supertalent". After the positive corona test and the subsequent Covid 19 disease in quarantine, the soccer star can return to the live shows. RTL announced this shortly before the start of the season.

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