Breakup from Shakira: Gerard Piqué is said to have a new girlfriend

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Breakup from Shakira: Gerard Piqué is said to have a new girlfriend
Breakup from Shakira: Gerard Piqué is said to have a new girlfriend

There could be some truth to the rumors that Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, singer Shakira's husband, has a new girlfriend at his side. Spanish and Catalan media have been rumored about this for a long time. One of these media now wants to know that Gerard has had a single apartment in Barcelona for months – and a new lady has appeared in his life: "You are my First Lady!". We reveal in the video who should have conquered his heart.

Did Gerard have an affair?

It has been less than ten days since Shakira and Gerard issued a statement announcing their split after more than ten years together. They had two children together. For Milan and Sasha they pull themselves together. But the family happiness seems to have finally collapsed.

The Spanish society portal "Informalia", a subpage of the business magazine "El Economista" from Madrid, is now reporting that the footballer not only has his own single pad in the Catalan capital Barcelona, in which allegedly extravagant parties should take place, but also that he met a new woman in a nightclub: C. C. are their supposed initials.

Is a dirty war of the roses imminent?

"C. C." work in a nightclub not far from the famous landmark of the city, the church "La Sagrada Família", the "La Traviesa". Gerard is said to be happy to stop there and celebrate in a luxury reserve. He has allegedly already told his new girlfriend that she is his "First Lady". According to the report, they got to know each other through his friend and colleague Riqui Puig.

In the upcoming divorce, the lawyers of both parties are said to be in negotiations. Custody of her two sons could become a big problem. Shakira wants to leave Catalonia. But Piqué is under contract with the football club FC Barcelona. Besides, he might just have found a new love in town. This separation – like so many others unfortunately – will certainly not be easy.

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