Surprise! Novalanalove reveals the gender of her baby

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Surprise! Novalanalove reveals the gender of her baby
Surprise! Novalanalove reveals the gender of her baby

Farina Opoku aka Novalanalove is full of love. The influencer from Cologne is expecting her first child. The social media star shares the joy of the offspring every day with his 1.6 million followers on Instagram. This includes not only baby bump photos in sexy underwear, but even the all-important information about the baby's gender. With a touching ultrasound, the 31-year-old reveals she and her husband, DJ Yeezy, are expecting a daughter. You can see what Farina says about the girl surprise in the video above.

Team Girl

"I can't wait to meet our daughter. This is an abstract scan of her cute little side profile," the mom-to-be commented on her Instagram post. With this news, the fashion-conscious woman from Cologne is giving her followers a happy start into the new week.

The affirmations and cute emojis in the comment column prove it. "It's a dream, I'm so happy for you", "You will be a wonderful mommy" and "Team Girl" write the Instagram users and shower Farina with love.

Farina Opoku Opens Up About Her Pregnancy

Celebrity colleagues send congratulations

Among the well-wishers are her celebrity companions and colleagues such as Riccardo Simonetti and YouTube star Dagi Bee. The latter should be able to understand how happy Farina is at the moment. The 27-year-old became a mother for the first time in December 2021."A miracle," Dagi comments on the ultrasound scan of Farina's daughter. It really is!

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