Kendall Jenner declares war on her anxiety

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Kendall Jenner declares war on her anxiety
Kendall Jenner declares war on her anxiety

Model Kendall Jenner uses mindfulness exercises to fight recent severe anxiety. "I've made it to a point where I don't feel bad about it," the 26-year-old wrote on Instagram. She also gives her followers tips on how to start the day calmly.

Kendall starts the day with a positive attitude

Kendall shares a short video of a garden with a babbling fountain. She loves having space and time to herself, she writes."I'm finding ways to help me start my day with a calmer, more positive attitude."

This morning she took 10 deep breaths in and out before even touching her phone, the model wrote, before going on to list other things she's doing to help with her mental he alth: "Went to my garden and journaling", "expressing gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life", "enjoying the sun".

Kendall Jenner has mental problems during Corona

Tips from Kendall Jenner

The model suggested to her almost 230 million followers that they try such steps themselves. "I'm optimistic about my day ahead and so should you!"

Kendall has been open about her anxiety disorder and occasional panic attacks for years.


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