Because of Kanye West's attacks: Pete Davidson is in trauma therapy

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Because of Kanye West's attacks: Pete Davidson is in trauma therapy
Because of Kanye West's attacks: Pete Davidson is in trauma therapy

In a tasteless Instagram post, Kanye West recently declared his rival Pete Davidson dead. Not the first questionable attack on the comedian, who was recently dating West's ex-wife Kim Kardashian. According to "People" magazine, Davidson is said to be suffering from the musician's constant attacks and has therefore gone into trauma therapy.

Kanye's negativity is a "trigger" for Pete


As of April this year, Davidson has been "mainly in trauma therapy," the unnamed source said."The attention and negativity emanating from Kanye and his actions is a trigger for Pete and he had to seek help."

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian started dating in March. A few days ago they ended the relationship due to lack of time. Shortly after news of the split broke, Kanye West posted his latest slip-up. He shared a fake New York Times front page with a headline announcing Davidson's death.

The post is no longer visible on Instagram. According to "People", Davidson and Kardashian have repeatedly asked the platform operators to take action against West's insults.

Davidson still has no regrets dating Kim Kardashian

The action isn't West's first questionable reference to the US comedian's death. In the video for his song "Eazy," a plasticine figure resembling Davidson is buried alive. In addition, the musician repeatedly raged against the "Saturday Night Live" star on social media.

Nonetheless, Davidson does not regret the relationship with Kardashian. "He wants it made clear that throughout their relationship she has been nothing but supportive," the insider added.

Kim Kardashian is "incredibly angry"

A friend of Kardashian's spoke to "Page Six". The entrepreneur was "angry and incredibly upset" by her ex-husband's recent action. The parents of four have only recently gotten closer again after a long war of roses - at least as far as the care of their children is concerned. But now her ex has fallen back into old patterns. "It just reminds her that he will never change and that there will never be a chance of reconciliation," the source said.

As of March 2022, West and Kardashian have been legally divorced. She filed for divorce at the end of 2021.

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