Mike Singer: Time as "DSDS" juror was "a formative step"

Mike Singer: Time as "DSDS" juror was "a formative step"
Mike Singer: Time as "DSDS" juror was "a formative step"

Mike Singer was a member of the jury for the last "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" season with pop titan Dieter Bohlen in the spring. For the new "DSDS" edition, for which the casting is currently running, he is not on board again. That doesn't make him sad - the singer takes "some self-confidence" from the show, as he says in an interview with the news agency spot on news. The 21-year-old, who died on March 6, also revealsAugust released his new interpretation of Alphaville's "Forever Young", what he thinks of the new "DSDS" judges, why he changed labels and what ambitious fitness plans he has set.

You have changed labels. What made you take this step?

Mike Singer: A change of scenery, new music, new inspiration and a good team. At the age of 14 or 15 I was already standing in front of the Universal building in Berlin and dreamed of being part of this label one day. Now the time has come and I'm more than ready.

The castings for "DSDS" are currently running. Are you sad that you will not be a judge again this year?

Singer: I'm not sad. I'm happy that I was there with Dieter for the last season, it was a great and inspiring time for me.

Looking back, what do you take away from the show? Were you able to learn something yourself?

Singer: Certainly some confidence. This trip was a very formative step in my life. Judging other younger and older singers as a young person is not that easy.

What do you think of this year's jury?

Singer: I think Florian Silbereisen is cool, I don't know the others personally.

Will you be watching the season on TV?

Singer: Of course I'll have a look - I'm mainly interested in how the new talents are doing.

You announced that you want to get "100 percent into training". What are you doing to keep fit? What are your goals?

Singer: I'm trying to change my diet, to avoid carbohydrates. Of course there are also "cheat days", but I try to exercise three to four times a week.

Your new single "Forever Young" covers the famous Alphaville song. What do you personally associate with the hit?

Singer: The song was created in a very special moment in the studio. I freestyled to the beat and the hook idea "Forever Young" by Alphaville came to my mind. It can only mean that the song is burned into my head.

What makes your new interpretation so special?

Singer: We've created something completely new! The song puts you in a good mood and can be heard in a variety of moments, whether at a party or while relaxing in the car. The sounds, guitars and drums are very fresh and modern. The hook breaks the whole thing and completes the work.

Would you like to be "forever young" as the song sang?

Singer: I definitely wish that I always stay young in my head.

Do you have any vacations planned for this year?

Singer: First I was in Fuerteventura with my band, now it's starting again with concerts, which I'm really looking forward to. Maybe spontaneously go to Italy or Mallorca again.

What other professional and private plans do you have for this year?

Singer: We've been working on my new album for a long time, we just shot the first video for my single "Forever Young". In addition, so many other preparations are underway for next year, not to forget my own clothing brand and of course the tour preparations. Otherwise I only wish for time with my family and he alth in this difficult time with Corona.

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