DSDS asterisk Josimelonie was left at the altar

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DSDS asterisk Josimelonie was left at the altar
DSDS asterisk Josimelonie was left at the altar

For ex-DSDS candidate Josimelonie, an absolute dream seemed to come true: on the Sat1 show “Love in the Mind – The Wedding Experiment” she floated on cloud 7 with candidate Ronny Drewling for five weeks. Honeymoon feeling on Fuerteventura, getting to know the family - and the prospect of an absolute fairytale wedding. So far so good. But then something happens that all bridal couples fear: Josimelonie is left sitting at the altar! Now she also officially confirms on Instagram: "Unfortunately I have to tell you that Ronny and I are separated.“

Josimelonie: "He took my first time"

During the show it still looked like a happy ending: Although Ronny didn't want to say yes to his Josi, he still wanted to leave the show as a couple. "I thought we'd stay together, but 48 hours later, when the cameras were off, it was over," she says in an interview with "Bild". "My heart is broken!"

And the pain is deep. "He was the first to say 'I love you' to me. From whom I got what I always wanted, who publicly stood by me. But it wasn't all real!" And she adds: "He took my first time from me and I blame him for that!" But this probably means her "first time" in front of the altar, because it had been some time ago Josi talked about her great new sex life after her vagina deepening. Because: Josi was born a man.

Josimelonie can take positives from the experience

Despite the lovesickness, Josi can draw positive things from her experience. "I have learned to allow feelings and now I believe that I am a person who is lovable," writes the 28-year-old on Instagram. A step into a life full of love - even if she can't imagine anything with another man at the moment. "I may not be ready for someone new, but I still believe in love. And maybe the next one is the right one too?”

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