Mark Medlock: His angry call to an adult show leaves a mark

Mark Medlock: His angry call to an adult show leaves a mark
Mark Medlock: His angry call to an adult show leaves a mark

What was wrong with Mark Medlock? The 2007 DSDS winner called an erotic show in a rage. Live on TV, he snapped at the half-naked women in a bizarre monologue, calling them "pathetic" and "dirt". After his rather flimsy attempt to apologize, one of the ladies speaks up.

Although she still made a good face about the bad game during the recording, 'Kitty Monroe' is rather depressed in the RTL interview: "He became quite abusive, insulting. I would say the lowest pain limit." The whole thing didn't go past her without a trace.

What Mark Medlock expected from the whole thing remains a mystery. He tries to justify his phone freak out from a feminist point of view, but that's not a real explanation: "It's just repulsive how women present themselves at the stations. It's absolutely misogynistic. It has nothing to do with aesthetics anymore do. Just sucks," he grumbles in the 'Bild'.

His manager Cornelia Reckert tries to explain her protégé's behavior in an interview with the newspaper: "Children could see that. That must drive anyone who has children themselves or wants to protect them from such programs to despair, that you are constantly confronted with such images. He only said that he finds such programs to puke." Or as Medlock himself sneered in his angry call: "I don't feel like taking the remote control and seeing you chicks every night". Reckert did not explain why the 36-year-old alleged women's rights activist dropped sentences like "it's pathetic that you don't have real tits."

Medlock lives with his manager on Sylt. Recently he was no longer in the headlines because of his singing, but because of scandals. His apartment in Cologne was about to be auctioned off. Reckert: "It wasn't foreclosed on. Maybe it's still in his possession, maybe it's sold."

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