What is DSDS winner Mark Medlock doing today?

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What is DSDS winner Mark Medlock doing today?
What is DSDS winner Mark Medlock doing today?

After a three-year break and a number of negative headlines, Mark Medlock is now back. He finally surprises his fans again with positive news: his new album 'Z Zwischenwelten' is to be released at the end of March.

He's showing a whole new side of himself

Actually, Mark Medlock had quit the music business. But he now announced via Twitter: "Look forward to my new album Zwischenwelten". And this comeback is a real surprise, because the former 'DSDS' winner has caused a lot of discussion in recent years, especially with scandals: he has repeatedly disappointed his fans with alcohol and drug problems and charges of assault and insult.

It's all the nicer that Mark finally seems to be on the right track again. As his manager tells the 'Bild' newspaper, the former Bohlen favorite has become calmer and more mature in recent years and due to his retreat to the island of Sylt. His new self is also reflected in his upcoming album, because the music has hardly anything to do with old songs like 'Mamacita'. The new songs like 'Friede sei mit Euch' are calmer, more thoughtful and have a slightly darker note.

Mark still wants to stay away from the public

The "Bobbelsche" - as he used to be called - was Dieter Bohlen's absolute favorite after his 'DSDS' victory in 2007. He landed three number one hits and five top 10 albums. Despite new music, the 38-year-old doesn't want to have much to do with the public anymore, because he only recorded his new album for his fans. You can hear how Mark Medlock's new music sounds in the video.

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