Henry Cavill dons the Superman cape again?

Henry Cavill dons the Superman cape again?
Henry Cavill dons the Superman cape again?

It's been almost ten years since an orphan from the destroyed planet Krypton crash-landed on Earth and matured into the "Man of Steel". The most recent origin story of the DC superhero Superman found its ideal cast in the person of Henry Cavill in 2013 for many fans. So it's no wonder that the Warner Bros. Discovery film studio is apparently showing increased interest in bringing Cavill back as Superman. At least that's what industry experts are now saying, according to several US media.

It has become abundantly clear over the past few days that the newly established management level of the film studio is currently working flat out on the prestigious DC film universe. The almost finished and 90 million dollar strip "Batgirl" was completely stamped out of doubts about the quality. "The Flash", despite scandal noodle Ezra Miller in the title role, as well as "Black Adam" and "Shazam 2" should be released as planned. However, these superheroes are not really sonorous - Cavill's comeback as the overpowering Kryptonian Kal-El aka Superman would be a different story. There seems to be only one catch.

What does Cavill say about this?

According to the same industry insiders, Cavill appears to have little to no desire to return to the DC Universe. As a reminder, after making a solid debut as Superman, he starred in 2016's Batman v Superman, facing off against the protector of Gotham, played by Ben Affleck. Finally, in 2017, the "Justice League" came to the cinemas, DC's counterpart of the Avengers. However, he failed to convince either fans or critics, which led to Zack Snyder's four-hour director's cut being released in 2021.

So it seems quite possible that Cavill has put off the mess of the past few years regarding DC heroes. In addition, Warner Bros. Discovery plans to plan as far in advance as Marvel does with its phases. But such a long-term commitment might not be right for Cavill. Because with his title role in the Netflix series "The Witcher" he already has a time-consuming part.

Furthermore, and deep down from the rumor mill: Brite Cavill is said to be still in the running to play a certain double zero agent. And he would probably emerge as the clear winner from the "Bond v Superman" duel…

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