Ben Affleck in tears on honeymoon

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Ben Affleck in tears on honeymoon
Ben Affleck in tears on honeymoon

These are pictures that you probably wouldn't have expected so soon after the wedding. Ben Affleck, who just married the love of his life Jennifer Lopez a few days ago, suddenly bursts into tears at a dinner together, as can be seen in the video.

What's the matter with Ben Affleck?

After Ben and Jen surprisingly sailed into the port of marriage in Las Vegas on July 17, the couple then went to the city of love. In Paris, the two are not only currently enjoying their honeymoon, but also celebrated J. Lot 53rd birthday. To do this, they visited a particularly romantic spot – namely the posh restaurant La Girafe near the Eiffel Tower.

Everything seemed perfect – maybe too perfect? Photographers suddenly witnessed the actor getting emotional and crying during the romantic dinner. Of course, his new wife reacted promptly and put a comforting hand on Ben's cheek and hugged him. Only the two of them know whether they were tears of joy or whether he was more concerned. At least a few moments later everything was fine again and the lovers strolled away hand in hand and smiling.

It's not the first time that Ben's honeymoon has made headlines. Just a few days ago, paparazzi caught him falling asleep during a boat tour. While J. Lo and the kids enjoyed the cruise down the Seine, the Hollywood star gaped as she took a nap.

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