Prince George complains to Papa William

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Prince George complains to Papa William
Prince George complains to Papa William

Prince George had a very special premiere coming up. He was allowed to accompany his parents Prince William and Duchess Kate to the final of the Wimbledon Championships for the first time. Arriving at the tournament, however, the Mini-Royal quickly started to sweat. However, not because it was so exciting on the field, but because it was just too warm for him in his small suit with temperatures around 30 degrees. You can see how sweetly he then complained to his dad about it in the video!

Prince George now attends major events more often

With George becoming king one day, Kate and William slowly begin to introduce the eight-year-old to his royal duties. While he was celebrating his Wimbledon debut almost exactly a year ago, he had already sat in the stands with his parents at the European Championships. Even back then he drew everyone's attention because he was so excited when England scored in the final that he jumped up from his seat, clapped happily and cheered enthusiastically.

One mustn't forget that George is still young - and for this reason many royal fans complained on Twitter that the student was wearing a suit, shirt and tie had to appear. The reactions are also in the video.

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