Prince George: There's a new picture for his 9th birthday

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Prince George: There's a new picture for his 9th birthday
Prince George: There's a new picture for his 9th birthday

How time flies! Prince George turned nine on July 22, 2022. Traditionally, Prince William and Duchess Kate publish a photo on their eldest son's day of honor. The new snapshot of the mini-royal makes it clear how similar the birthday boy now looks to his father.

Nice snapshot of Mama Kate

Completely detached and snapped by Mama: The British royal family published the golden picture of Prince George on Instagram. The picture shows the nine-year-old with a big grin on his face in front of a beach backdrop, with the sea in the background. A happy moment captured by Mama Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge is considered a passionate photographer and is usually responsible for the photos of her children, as she recently did on the birthdays of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

George looks totally carefree and cheerful, which could be because the snap was taken while on vacation with his family earlier this month, the Daily Mail reports. The royals are said to have been in Norfolk, where they have a home.

Striking resemblance to Papa William

Fans are totally blown away by the private look at Prince George. Many rave about his "hearty laugh". And the network community notices something else: the striking resemblance to Papa William. In the comments there are more and more statements like "George looks like his father's face", "He looks like his dad" or "George is becoming more and more like William".

How and where George celebrates his day of honor is not known. It is considered very likely that mom herself will bake the birthday cake. Finally, Kate once revealed on the sidelines of an event: "I like to make the cake myself. It's almost a tradition that I stand in the kitchen until midnight, with ridiculous amounts of cake batter and icing, making way too much of everything. But I love it!"

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