Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte & Prince George: How the Queen's mini royals stole the show

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Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte & Prince George: How the Queen's mini royals stole the show
Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte & Prince George: How the Queen's mini royals stole the show

The Queen Elizabeth II 70th Jubilee celebrations are over. What eventful days those were for the Royals! One highlight chased the next! However, the focus was often not on the monarch and the celebrated of the festival, but on the youngest members of the British royal family. Whether it's Prince George singing, Prince Louis grimacing at the "Trooping the Color" parade or all three siblings baking for charity - the mini royals were always the center of attention. We look back at the sweetest moments of the Jubilee.

All highlights of the anniversary celebrations can be found here in the live ticker.

Baking for a good cause

Off to the royal bakery. On the last day of the platinum anniversary, Duchess Kate and her kids put on their aprons and once again gave their full, royal commitment! The royal kids baked cakes with mum Kate for a street festival in the Welsh capital, Cardiff. The Cambridges captured this cute moment on Instagram. In a series of photos, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can be seen swinging the cooking and baking spoons with enthusiasm. Separating eggs, sifting flour, weighing and decorating – the Mini-Royals showed what they can do in all these baking disciplines. "Hope you enjoy them!" they wrote in the video caption on Instagram.

Just the sight of the mini royals in the "bakery" tasted the fans, as they expressed in the comment column.“Best shots I've seen all week! Of course + family=heaven", "What happy faces" and "Well done George, Charlotte and Louis" it says there. Prince William's children may have heard the latter several times in the past few days. The three of them regularly caused enthusiasm among the fans during their performances.

Prince Louis turns out to be the darling of the public

Prince Louis, the newborn in particular, has blossomed into a crowd favourite. The reason for this: his bluntly honest manner, which he did not try to hide. During the carriage ride in the middle of the Trooping the Color parade, the four-year-old waved enthusiastically at the crowd. Louis even gestured so much that his older sister Charlotte scolded him for it. A glorious sight! And the four-year-old didn't shy away from expressing his feelings during the joint family appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. As the parade jets roared by, the little boy covered his ears and screamed. He quickly became an icon with his facial expressions. On social media, a number of fans were delighted with his clearly recognizable moods.

George and Charlotten rocked out at the concert

But his big brother George also caused enthusiasm. At the anniversary concert in particular, the eight-year-old drew everyone's attention when he roared along to Sir Rod Stewart's hit "Sweet Caroline". With his singing part, George already suggested that he could be the next party prince. Charlotte got carried away to the sounds of Diana Ross, the band Queen, Duran Duran, Alicia Keys, Rod Stewart and Sir Elton John and rocked along, as the pictures from the audience show.

We won't soon forget these recordings! And certainly not the celebrated royals either.

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